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Customised learning

No two people are the same, learning processes need to adapt to the learner. This does not necessarily mean material is different for each student, however the way in which it is delivered or communicated needs to be particular if you want effective results in a shorter time.

This level of customisation is not limited to private classes. Group classes can be designed and taught in such a way that students of different levels in different skills can be addressed.

Learning a language is an interpersonal experience. It requires engagement, commitment and consistency, from both the student and the trainer. A class that is planned based on the student’s requirements will always turn out better results than a generic class.

Legrand- Portugal

“I’ve had the opportunity to be a student of Tamzyn during a 60 hour individual course in end 2013 / beginning 2014.

Tamzyn teaches with simplicity and has excellent communications skills. Her love for the English language is evident and owns a good level of general culture which helps to discuss serveral subjects.

My course has let me achieve the level C2 – Upper Intermediate and I think I’ve achieved it easily due to the quality of Tamzyn’s lessons.

So, I recommend her services if you (or your company) are planning to contract an English teacher.”

David Jesus, Industrial Coordinator for Latin America