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I completed an LL.B Law degree, thereafter I completed a one year internship specialising in Matrimonial Law and Deceased Estates. This offered experience in the Mediation processes that often pertain to this field. I also completed an internship in Labour Law, again gaining experience and exposure to Mediation and Negotiation processes. I use my legal experience and studies to create English Communication Classes that benefit employees.

I am a certified English trainer for non-native English speakers.
I teach English in companies(Business English), in language schools and online.
I have gained 4 years of incredible experience teaching students from various fields, different professions and in different companies in and around the Lisbon area, as well as internationally. I am also a Cambridge speaking examiner.
I have built Global Converse, a small enterprise, which specialises in customised English training for specific purposes.

In 2015 I completed a course in Mediation and I received accreditation as a Mediator and facilitator in dispute resolutions. This training provided me with additional knowledge and experience in facilitating communication, directing conversation, bridging gaps and recognising interests. The training programme included the development of skills needed for Effective Mediation in commercial disputes hence an improved ability to train employees in the workplace to communicate effectively and efficiently in Business English.

I have completed the NLP practitioner course (level 4) and will pursue the Master’s Training in the coming year. This is an approach to learning human behavioural and thought patterns. This course compliments the 12 years I have spent on my own Yoga and Martial Arts practice (including training in China and India and winning the South African National Wushu Championship in 2009), learning about Meditation and Mind-Body connection. I have received the Yoga Alliance India Teacher Certification.

I intend to work on projects that develop my skills in the area of communication, dispute resolution, teaching and training.