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Business English

What is Business English?

Business English is English for specific purposes. Non-native English speakers study this subject with the goal of doing business with English-speaking countries. The object of Business English classes is to make business communication more efficient and effective.

Business English has a different meaning to different people. To some, it refers to communication skills typical for business, such as, presentations, negotiations, meetings, small talk, correspondence and report writing. Each company or student needs to define their needs in terms of English and the teacher must adapt and create classes that meet these needs.

Business English does not only mean…we talk business. Life and all topics including social topics will be integrated into the classes. Games are played, themes vary and flexibility is key when delivering a well rounded class.

Business English needs to continuously adapt itself and evolve with the times. It is important that class material keeps up to date with ever changing industry demands.

Why do Business English?

The main reason to do Business English is to make you or your company globally competitive. It allows you to refine your English language skills.

What level of English do you require for Business English classes?

If you have a pre-intermediate level you can take Business English classes. If you feel that your level is lower than pre-intermediate I recommend that you take regular English classes until you reach a pre-intermediate level.


“For almost two years Tamzyn has been our designated English teacher, either inside the company or at our clients. For a company as focused on employee training as ours, it´s extremely important to have a teacher who can make them improve at all levels of English, as she does.”

Inês Duarte , HR Senior Specialist at BOLD International