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BOLD International – Lisbon, Portugal

“For almost two years Tamzyn has been our designated English teacher, either inside the company or at our clients. For a company as focused on employee training as ours, it´s extremely important to have a teacher who can make them improve at all levels of English, as she does.”

Inês Duarte, HR Senior Specialist at Bold International

FindMore Consulting – Lisbon Portugal

“Tamzyn is a very dedicated professional, we have English classes with her every week and the participants feedback is always positive.
She adapts to every situation or any kind of student. In an IT company this is fundamental because we always have new students or people with different needs or experiences. Thank you Tamzyn for your commitment and support.”
Cândida Marinha, FindMore Consulting

Online Classes

“I began this journey of practicing English with Tamzyn because I was shy. Talking in public or with someone that I already know that talks fluent English was a nightmare. She helped me with that personal challenge and nowadays I can talk in English irrespective of the situation or people.
She has the ability to transform English classes and captivates you, even when it’s time to practice grammar. In my personal experience, she transformed Mondays, now I feel excited because Mondays are English class days. I completely recommend her classes, try and you will enjoy, I promise!”
Joana Vieira, Online Student, Portugal

In-house training, Lisbon

“Before I started having classes with Tamzyn, I was so ashamed of my English that I’d prefer to lose myself in a foreign country than asking for directions, even if this meant that I’d have to sleep in the street (it almost happen, believe it). Near this text, you can find a picture of me giving a presentation publicly, speaking in English, in one of our classes. Yep, that’s Tamzyn’s effect”

Catarina Martins, In-house training, Lisbon

Legrand – Lisbon, Portugal

“I’ve had the opportunity to be a student of Tamzyn during a 60 hour individual course in end 2013 / beginning 2014.

Tamzyn teaches with simplicity and has excellent communications skills. Her love for the English language is evident and owns a good level of general culture which helps to discuss serveral subjects.

My course has let me achieve the level C2 – Upper Intermediate and I think I’ve achieved it easily due to the quality of Tamzyn’s lessons.

So, I recommend her services if you (or your company) are planning to contract an English teacher.”

David Jesus, Industrial Coordinator for Latin America

Rota Jovem – Lisbon, Portugal

“Tamzyn has always been very professional in her volunteering as an English trainer at Rota Jovem. She brought exercises, new approaches for difficulties and could easily adapt to the presence of different numbers of students with different levels of English knowledge. Our Friday afternoons were delightful with her.”

Rota Jovem, Lisbon, Portugal

In-house Attendee

“My experience with Tamzyn’s English classes was excellent. Tamzyn is a self-motivated person, who is always thinking of different ways to teach and her classes are always full of energy. She puts much dedication into her work and I would say that she teaches with her heart.”

José Fernandes, Lisbon, Portugal

Online Classes

“English classes via skype gave me mobility, agility and better management of my time. Tamzyn is an excellent teacher, very attentive, helpful, communicative and very intelligent. Her ability to deal with different situations in day-to-day life and adapting it to the class helps us have better communication. Her focus is not only conversation, but in vocabulary and grammar. Her teaching methodology helps me have a better understanding of the language.”

Gabriel Silva, Country Manager

Online Classes

“Online English classes with Tamzyn are fun. She’s able to make you feel comfortable in the class and you won’t feel shy with her. The classes are very flexible, regarding topics covered and hours and days. She always tries to teach you grammar while talking about relevant themes and topics. I Acknowledge her effort to keep me motivated and focused on improving.”

Diego Mariano, São Paulo, Brazil